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Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Your membership does not include services offered at SASS (Student Association Spa Services), personalized fitness training programs/sessions, or classes.


CCSAI reserves the right to increase the AWC membership fee, the fee structure and/or the membership structure at the beginning of each semester and will post a notice of such change at the AWC 30 days prior to any such change.
CCSAI agrees to make available to the Member the AWC facilities and associated amenities. The Member agrees to pay CCSAI the amounts shown in the Membership Plan & Payment section above and to use the services and facilities pursuant to the terms and conditions contained in this agreement.
For the purpose of this agreement the Member confirms that he/she has reached the age of majority, which is 18 years of age. The following items pertain to the use of all AWC services and facilities and form part of the Membership Agreement to which these items are attached.


1. Access to the gym, change rooms, squash courts and fitness centre, will only be granted with proof of paid membership and/or day pass. A photo of all members will be kept on file.
2. The Member agrees to keep and obey all procedures, policies, rules and regulations now in force or in the future prescribed by CCSAI. The Member can obtain updated procedure and policy information on access, guest use, dress code, locker use, hygiene requirements, codes of behavior, proper conduct and violation conditions from Guest Services.
3. It is the sole obligation of the Member to read, understand and abide by all of the procedures, policies, rules, regulations, terms and conditions for the AWC as amended from time to time.
4. The Member agrees that while using the AWC facility or service, he/she will not conduct himself/herself in any way that presents a danger to or creates a nuisance for the management, employees, other members, or any other persons using the AWC services or facilities.
5. CCSAI reserves the right to terminate this Membership Agreement at its discretion, at any time.
6. The Member will have access to the AWC facility provided they comply with the terms contained herein.


1. The Member agrees to pay for all initiation fees, membership fees, monthly dues, and any other payments applicable to this Membership Agreement. In signing this Membership Agreement, the Member authorizes CCSAI/AWC to draw or prepare debit, paper or electric entry covering the monthly dues and all other applicable payments in accordance with the payment plan and method selected by the member on the front of this document.
2. If for any reason any form of payment is not received within three (3) days of the contract date or if any item is three (3) days late or if any item is returned for reasons of stop payment, account closed, N.S.F. (non-sufficient funds), or any other reason, the Member will be considered in default of the contract and the full amount of the contract becomes immediately due and payable to AWC.
3. If for any reason the Member defaults on his/her contracted payment obligations, the Member hereby authorizes the CCSAI or its assignee to collect the outstanding monies, plus service charges and interest in any method available to them and cancel the Member’s membership in the AWC and restrain the Member from using the AWC until all such overdue/unpaid payment(s) is/are paid in full.
4. The Member completely understands and authorizes being billed through the drawing of electronic, magnetic or paper debits of either the member’s chequing account(s) and major credit card(s), i.e. Visa, MasterCard, by CCSAI or its agents.





1. The operating schedules for the AWC may be changed by management (CCSAI) from time to time.
2. The Member understands that from time to time the AWC may not be accessible due to events being hosted in the facility by Centennial College, CCSAI or a third party or such other existing conditions.
3. The Member also understands the CCSAI reserves the right to change and/or cancel the hours of operations of the AWC. The CCSAI endeavours to provide reasonable notice of any change or cancellation.
4. The Member agrees that he/she must use the facility in a safe manner for the proper and intended purpose(s).
5. The Member must be dressed in proper gym wear when using the facility.
6. The Member understands that they must provide a positive environment, free from harassment and discrimination, while using the facility.


Refund Policy

You may cancel this agreement at any time during the period that ends ten (10) days after the day you receive a written copy of the agreement and the day all the services are available. You do not need to give the supplier a reason for canceling during this 10-day period. In addition, there are grounds that allow you to cancel this agreement. You may also have other rights, duties and remedies at law. For more information, you may contact the Ministry of Consumer and Business Services. To cancel this agreement, you must give notice of cancellation to the supplier, at the address setout in this agreement, by any means that allow you to prove the date on which you gave notice. If no address is set out in the agreement, use any address of the supplier that is on record with the Government of Ontario or the Government of Canada or is known by you. If you cancel this agreement, the supplier has fifteen (15) days to refund any payment you have made and return to you all goods delivered under a trade-in agreement (or refund an amount equal to the trade-in allowance).


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